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Adam’s Camp began in Denver, Colorado in 1986 to provide intensive 5-day therapy programs, or ‘camps’ to children with special needs.  In addition to the long-established Colorado camps, Adam’s Camp programs have expanded to a number of other beautiful locations.  Each location offers their unique geography and traditions, while maintaining the core values of Adam’s Camp.

All Adam’s Camp locations offer Intensive Therapy Camps. Adam’s Camp Colorado also offers Adventure Camp.


Our Therapy camps – Early Start*, Pathfinder Therapy and Trailblazer – provide an intensive, multidisciplinary therapy experience in a fun camp setting for children with special needs, ages 1-12, and their families. Our unique 5-5-5 therapy model: 5 kids, 5 therapists, 5 days – results in noticeable progress in our campers.

Our therapy model also focuses on respite, support and community for parents, as well as a distinctive sibling camp!
*Early Start is currently only offered in Colorado and Texas. 

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Currently offered only in Colorado, our mountain-based Adventure and Denver-based Urban Adventure camps provide an experience that is full of fun, challenge and adventure for youth and young adults with special needs.  Campers enjoy activities that expand social horizons, increase constructive risk-taking, and provide the opportunity to develop the courage to try new things while increasing independence and confidence.

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Starting an Adam’s Camp Program

We are always interested in helping others start up Adam’s Camp programs in new locations throughout the world. We would be delighted to talk with you if you would like to explore the opportunity of establishing an Adam’s Camp near you!
For further information, contact Bob Horney by email or phone at (303) 690-4402.