“I just wanted to say thank you to both the Path Finder and Trailblazer teams for the amazing experience that we had over the summer!”

“Amazing experience for the whole family! It’s incredible what my child was able to accomplish in this nurturing and positive environment that also allowed her to take risks and challenge herself!”

“What a fabulous opportunity to get essentially a 5 day long evaluation of my daughter’s skills. This camp more than met my expectations. Thank you so much for helping to provide a camp experience that was perfect for my daughter. Very grateful!”

“She had an excellent time and worked on therapeutic goals as well (even if she never realized that part). She deserved a fun summer experience and Adam’s camp gave that to her.”

“When we heard about Adams Camp and the benefits it could provide in such a short period of time, we were more than skeptical. But after seeing our daughter and her brothers experience it with the passionate, energetic individuals who pour their heart and soul into making that most important of differences, we are sold!”

“I just can’t believe how incredible this program is!”

“My hope was that my child would have a fun camp experience I never could have imagined how beneficial it would be for my whole family. After camp I truly believe the sky is the limit!”

“We walked away with a renewed energy and practical and immediate feedback and next steps to help our daughter learn more, experience more, and grow in all aspects of her life – from school to home to community. We cannot wait to sign her up for next year!”